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Welcome Our Betta Page
We aim to promote betta rearing in Singapore as well as encourage and help betta lovers create new strains to do Singapore proud.

Currently working on several new strains which have excellent finnage and new unique colours. Do feel free to glance through our website to find out more.
This Betta has the famous "Mustard Gas" genes and is a true "Half Moon".
We are using the following bloodlines to create our new colors;
Half Moons
1) Famous Mustard Gas
2) Mustard Gas Blue
3) Mustard Gas Red
4) Holy Grail Opaques ST/DT
5) Super Reds HMs ST/DT
6) Melano HMs ST/DT
7) Yellow ST/DT
8) Pineapple HMs ST/DT
9) Luminous Green HMs ST
10) Cambodian Butterfly Reds HMs
11) Opaque/green HMs
12) White Green HMs
13) Orange Half Moons.

Crown Tails
1) Pure Red-King Crown Bloodline
2) Red/black Butterfly
3) Red/white Butterfly
4) Red/black/white Butterfly
5) Black Crowns
6) Blue Crowns
7) Green Crowns
8) White Crowns STs
9) Purple Crowns

What's New?
We have included new photos in our photo section.
Please go to our photo page for viewing.

Hobbyists and fellow betta lovers are welcome to email us, if you need any advice on bettas.

To Contact Us

A Pair Of Turquoise Showing Off Their Finnage And Form
If you have any comments on our bettas, please feel free to drop us an email.
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