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Here are the photos of our bettas. Enjoy!
Photos are of our show quality "Half Moons" bettas.

Mustard Pixie Yellow Male With Excellent Finnage.

Mustard Blue HM Geno

Holy Grail Single Tail

Red HM

Black/Red HM

Holy Grail HM DT

Red/Black HM

Opaque HM

White Crown Tail Male

Melano/Black HM Geno

DT Red HM Yellow Geno

Piebald Steel HM Geno

Pixie's White Illusion

Royal Blue HM

Wild Pineapple HM Geno

Royal Blue HM

Pixie's Red Illusion

Yellow DT HM Geno

Steel HM

Mustard Pixie Yellow DT

Pixie Brilliance