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Pixie Yellow Strain
Here you can see the offspring of the Pixie Yellow that won 1st place in the bettasplendens club's photo contest.

This Pixie Yellow strain is a unique tri band half moon betta
Below is the offspring of the Pixie Yellow champion
This is a Red DT male is an outcross from Leng Lim's original red lines.
Just about 3.5 month old and showing potential.
Turquoise strain.
Turquoise male at 3.5 months old and showing potential.
This is a unique white eyed purple butterfly HM geno strain.
Just 3 months old, this young male is already showing great potential on color and finnage.
My Orange HM strain
A pair of orange HM genos at 2 months old.
Our yellow opaque HM strain, we call Pixie's Ivory yellow.
Look at this Pixie's Ivory Yellow male's tertiary rays.
This is our line of Opaque HM
This is a 3 months old opaque male showing good potential on its caudal spread.